Half-way there

I’ve got 51 things on my list already and I’m starting to worry.  So many of them are “read 5…“, on top of reading all the SVH, J Wilson, Dean Koontz and Lois Duncans, that I probably have to start listing individual books.  I’ve been looking at my shelf trying to list ones that jump out at me – these are the ones that I look at while drying my hair before work and long to stay at home and read, but when I do stay at home I don’t bother reading.  I’m going to clear them off my shelf.  Well, I’m going to read them and decide if they deserve to stay on my shelf anyway.

I will leave some space – lots of space – to be filled later, as I’m sure there will be many books I will WANT to read within the next 1001 days that I don’t already have listed or aren’t even available yet.

Also to note, I have already read the first 8 SVH books, quite a few J Wilsons, Lois Duncans and Dean Koontzs so the second number after the / will be lower than the actual number of books they have out, or it may just be the only ones I own.  In this case, if I find others I will adjust the number.


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