A Little More Detail

Here are my works in progress:
20. R&J Bookclub Books:(My Dear I…,Fault in Our Stars, Before I Go To Sleep, Lemon Cake)
8. J Wilson 1990-2000. (Twin Tales, Suitcase Kid, Brother Bernadette, Jimmy Jelly, Take a Good Look, Dinosaur’s Packed Lunch, Werepuppy on Holiday, Connie & The Waterbabies, Double Act, Buried Alive)
9. J Wilson 2000-2010. (the Worry Website, Dustbin Baby, Sleepovers)
17. 5 books previously abandoned. (Fuck It, 1st To Die, 1984, READING: I Am Dave Gorman)
27. 3 books by Stephen Fry (2/3) – will REREAD: Making History
31. 5 classic American novels (Fahrenheit 451, Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, The Color Purple, READING: Flowers for Algernon)
52. David Icke books (1/2)
66. Regular SVH books 21-40 (11/20)
2. All SVH Super Editions. (3/12) READING: Winter Carnival
75. Hunger Games Trilogy (2/3)


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