Losing Track


I’m beginning to lose track of which books have already been on and ‘counted’ in my figures on the list. I need to work out some sort of system. The only things I can think of are to make sure I ALWAYS come here first when I finish a book (rather than goodreads), or to keep a list in a post which details the titles of books and dates read, per list item. That seems like a better option – like the list I’ve done for the DK/LD/JW books. The SVH books aren’t so bad because they’re numbered and I just add the 8 I’ve already read to the number I’ve got in brackets and hopefully it adds up to the current book number. I’m losing track of how many Stephen Kings I’ve read now, or autobiographies or audio books… I shall start a new post, with the next post.

It’s all going well though. Currently on Book 17 of SVH, just finished Kim Woodburn’s book, and working on Striped Pyjamas but that’s slow being upside down! I’ve also started Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, just on a whim, and it’s not for this list at all but is quite long. I’ll try and keep it as a ‘backburner’ book. Also contemplating starting Fuck It again. That’s one for the Previously Abandoned Books (although I had only maybe read ONE chapter before!)


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