Holding My Hands Up

Hi, Just wanted to make a quick post to say that I am still alive and hold my hands up and say, I’ve not been reading anything near as much as I should have.  As one of my 101 things is to complete the goodreads 2012 challenge, which involves reading 100 75 books this year, I usually try and focus on meeting that one (while reading some of the books from this list).  Let me tell you that currently I am 18 books behind on the Goodreads Challenge which I had been right on track with for most of the year.  The reason for this is that I got addicted to FunTrivia quizzes and getting all the little award badges there.  Goodreads should give out award badges!  Also, I didn’t have a decent book on the go in about April and I’ve not found one since – I’ve been dipping in and out of various books and not finishing any of them.  This last fortnight I’ve read I Can Make You Thin (by Paul McKenna) and am about to finish Me & My Friends by Tony Woolliscroft – both of those were very quick reads and should knock me down to a mere 16 books behind…I’m also still re-reading The Changeover by Margaret Mahy and do actually love the book so I’m kind of savouring it, but that would be done in a few hours if I put my back into it, along with the next SVH book that’s sitting there by my bed. 

In short, I just need to give myself a kick up the backside and get back into reading.  Well now that the FunTrivia badges are getting harder and harder to get, maybe that will happen!


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