Happy New Year 2013

Well I have to admit that 2012 was a bit of a disaster in terms of reading. Yes I did manage to get the Goodreads 2012 Challenge completed, but I admit to fudging it a little. I was reading some very short books to catch up towards the end there, and I did knock down the planned 100 books to 75 to give myself a chance at the end of November when I realised I’d never catch up. I read an extra book to try and make up for some of the short ones. I did that last year too. The point is to keep reading though, and that last minute cramming makes me start off the next year on a roll.

I am currently about halfway through 1984 which I am really enjoying; this is my 3rd attempt at reading it, which is not to say that it’s hard to read – I remember enjoying it even the first time in the late 90s – but somehow I’ve always got distracted before. I’m planning on reading a few more classics this year too, both British and American. I’m excited for 2013. I have so many good books to read! My aunty got me about 6 for christmas (4 Kings, a Jodi Picoult and one that looks really good by Hilary Mantel about a medium!) and my sister got me Flowers for Algernon.

I want to also force myself to read more actual books, or to actually read my Kindle, because I find myself relying on the Kindle’s speech facility and have been known to be disappointed when I buy a kindle book that doesn’t have speech enabled! Oh no, does that mean I’m actually going to have to READ it! haha. But I want to really appreciate my ability to read. One of the books I read towards the end of 2012 is Chicken Soup for the Soul, which incidentally is not a book I recommend. In there is a story about a man who couldn’t read (but who was successful anyway bla bla bla) and it made me think, yet again, about how I love reading and how magical it is that someone can write some shapes on a page and I can look at those shapes and make them into sounds with meanings that tell fantastic stories. Not a new thought to me but one I keep forgetting. It is a miracle to me. And whenever I remember it I have a surge on reading because even the most tedious stories become more readable when I’m appreciating the process of the reading itself. One day I hope that I will be able to teach someone to read, perhaps my own child but not necessarily. I would consider my life more worthwhile if I had taught someone to read. In my day-to-day life I tend to get bogged down with spelling and grammar, correcting other people’s mistakes and frowning upon them in a really annoying way, and I wish I wasn’t like that (but that’s the way my mum raised me) – instead I want to appreciate that even though they didn’t spell or punctuate something correctly, I knew exactly what they meant and that’s the main thing.

So onwards into 2013 I go. I don’t know exactly how long I have left on this 101 in 1001 days. It seems like my time might be nearly up, but I’m sure it’s a date in 2014…let me check…yes, 31st March 2014. In short, I have my work cut out for me this year! 15 months left. I’m not really sure it’s do-able, but I’m going to have a ruddy good try, and if at the end of the time it’s not finished, I’ll probably just carry on and finish it anyway because I’m enjoying the challenge.


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