So Far, So Good.

I’m up to 7 books read so far in 2013 which makes me 2 books ahead of schedule as I write. I’ve read a few short classic books and some quick Jacqueline Wilsons to get me off to a good start.

Just finished The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, which I found very odd in that nothing much happens and the most interesting thing about it is how it’s written. It’s almost as if different people wrote the same story, or different parts of the story, then it was all cut up and mixed together, because it jumps around in time a lot but also repeats itself in slightly different wording. Don’t think I’d bother reading any of Muriel Spark’s other work somehow.

I finished 1984 which I thought was excellent, although didn’t like the ending much. I especially liked the bit where they caught him in the room above the shop before taking him to Room 101 and there was a camera behind the picture, and they kept reciting the line from the Oranges & Lemons poem “here comes the chopper to CHOP OFF YOUR HEAD!” – very sinsiter.

I read The 39 Steps, and admit to being disappointed by it because I only knew the film beforehand which was very different and, in my opinion, much better.

Alice In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass were brilliant. I already knew the first book very well, obviously, like everyone does, but I had new enjoyment from Christopher Plummer who was reading it to me and did it so brilliantly. The second book I was not familiar with at all, so I enjoyed it in a different way.

The other two books I’ve read were Jacqueline Wilsons – Sleepovers and Double Act. I wasn’t expecting much from Sleepovers, but actually ended up enjoying it more than Double Act (which I thought would be better). I could relate to Sleepovers more, because she writes so well about the lives of little girls and ‘how they are’, and I was one once! It’s about a group of friends who have sleepovers for each of their birthdays, and they’re all quite different. One of the girls is a bitch and the others don’t really like her but they’re scared of her. The narrating girl is Daisy and she very much wants one of the other girls to be her best friend, but can’t because of the horrible girl. It just brought back memories of that time of my life when having ‘best friends’ was so important.

Double Act is about two twin girls whose mum has died and they live with their dad and grandma, until the dad meets another woman and forces them to move to the country, away from grandma and friends. They hate the new woman, and their new school, but ultimately the more reasonable of the two twins softens slightly as she gets fed up of doing what the dominant twin wants all the time. The dominant twin cuts off all her hair and ‘refuses’ to be her twin any more, which hurts them both a lot. The other twin ends up going to a boarding school, and it’s only as she’s leaving that the stubborn twin can bring herself to make up their friendship. I don’t know, I thought it was an okay story, but I didn’t relate to them at all. The dominant twin was quite similar to Tracey Beaker in her stubborn and impulsiveness. I didn’t find it a satisfying read, and I’m not sure why. I knew they would all make up in the end, but I didn’t like that the other twin decided to go to boarding school. I suppose it was just the story’s way of saying that they were growing up and inevitably, growing apart, but from such a strong twin bond it seemed unlikely that it would happen that way, but what do I know, I’m not a twin.

What’s next…..?

I’m keen to read the next SVH book, only because it’s the last one before the next Super Edition (and I have another 10 of those to get through, but I can’t just read them without having read the other intervening books!) At least they’re a quick read. Other quick reads I am keen to start are two David Icke books and two more JW’s I have got out ready (How to Survive Summer Camp, and Buried Alive), not to mention finishing off some of the ones I’ve already started which are now starting to piss me off on my Goodreads list, like The Stand, Just My Type, Who Built The Moon, Home, I am Dave Gorman…they have been there MONTHS!

Why am I so much better at BUYING books than reading them? I have sooooooo many books. And Amazon just keeps tempting me to buy more for my Kindle….but I never read them!


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