Feb 2013 update


I’m off work this week so thinking I’ll get some good reading in.  However, we’re on Wednesday and so far I’ve read 1 SVH book, a little of Just My Type, a little of Little Women, a little of The Hundred Year Old Man Who… and started another book I didn’t really mean to start (Into the Darkest Corner) which isn’t even for any of my list items (apart from Goodreads Challenge 2013 I suppose!).

Since I last wrote, I have finished Day of the Triffids, SVH27 Lovestruck, Buried Alive, and Tales From The Secret Annex, as well as bits of the aforementioned books.  Here are my comments on those…

Day of the Triffids – Really liked this book overall.  The first chapter was great and really sucked me in.  I ‘read’ the audiobook with the same guy who read My Dear I Wanted To Tell You who I really liked and his voice fit the part well.  I was surprised about the story really, as I think I expected it to be more about the Triffids and thought they were more like huge man-eating plants – probably from the old B movie images I must have seen.  In fact they were much subtler and didn’t really play the main part in the story, which was more along the lines of the end of the world and how people choose to behave/survive after a catastrophe.  Much more my cup of tea, so I was pleasantly surprised.

Lovestruck – again I was pleasantly surprised, because I’d been putting off reading this SVH book as it was about a relationship between characters I barely knew or didn’t know at all.  In fact I enjoyed it quite a lot as it’s also about the characters I know and the centennial event to celebrate 100 years of Sweet Valley, which obviously I didn’t want to miss – haha.  It centres on Ken Matthews, a semi-regular character, and him having to pass English to be able to play in the football game (and he’s the star player, so under a bit of pressure).  He also has an odious, snobby girlfriend who only adds to the trouble, but as usual, Liz saves the day…

Buried Alive – not great, but not aimed at me.  I don’t really like JW’s books that are written for boys (like Cliffhanger and the Werepuppy stories).  Buried Alive is a follow on from Cliffhanger and tells the story of another wimpy little mummy’s boy and his friend on holiday – it’s not that different from The Werepuppy On Holiday in fact.  Still, at least it was short.

Tales From the Secret Annex – this is a collection of some of Anne Frank’s writings and stories that she wrote (apparently) while in the secret annex.  Not bad and a good addition to the main diary for her fans.  She writes a lot of ‘fairy stories’ for children but with a moral undertone, and you can clearly see her own opinions and character coming through.

Currently reading: The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of a Window and Disappeared, Just My Type, Into The Darkest Corner, Little Women, Flowers for Algernon, We Are At War…maybe some of them will be in my next review in March!


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