Marching Onward

It’s March today!  I’m happy about that because I’m hoping some warmer weather will start to appear….off to the Wirral this weekend so thought I’d do a little update to complete February.

Just finished the most boring Secret Seven book ever (No. 15 – “Fun” for the Secret Seven) which is the least fun I think they’ve ever had!  Some old man has a lame horse he can’t afford to keep, and they do all they can to raise money to pay vet’s bills and buy the horse and stupid stuff, and then right at the end there’s some pointless horse thieves, just to tie in with the horsey story, but nothing is properly explained or resolved, and I think there is a lot of unattractive nastiness from the supposedly virtuous children, and the adults, who have a full on fight in the stables with pitchforks and encourage the horses to kick the thieves…so stupid.

What else…I re-read Black Maria!  I did this so I could make a quiz on it for FunTrivia with the word “black” in the title, but it was so nice to read it again.  It’s been about 19 years since I first read it and I had forgotten most of what happened apart from a boy being turned into a wolf.  It’s really a great book!  I left it with the 5 star rating I’d given it originally.  It has magical stuff and time travel and teenagers giving cheek and curious mysteries…brill!  I do think it’s an underrated book among Diana Wynne-Jones works, but then I have only read two (this and Fire and Hemlock).  Perhaps I should read some of her more popular ones like Howl’s Moving Castle and Archer’s Goon.

I finished ‘The Fault in our Stars’.  I wouldn’t say I was disappointed with it but it really didn’t make me cry as much as other people seemed to.  It’s a good read, but it’s so engineered to be a tearjerker that perhaps it had the opposite effect.  Many have said that the teenagers spoke too unrealistically and sophisticated for their age, but that didn’t bother me.  I liked John Green’s writing style and I have a few more of his books lined up to read.  This was my first.  Yeah, I did like it a lot, but it is a bit over-hyped.

The other book I read was “How to be a Woman” by Caitlyn Moran.  I’ve had it sitting there on my Kindle for a while.  I did enjoy it and related to what she said, particularly the earlier days, but I didn’t agree with a lot of what she said too.  It is a feminist manifesto disguised as an autobiography, and it’s interesting to read in both respects, but doesn’t really succeed in either.  It’s not a proper autobiography as she doesn’t fill in the details properly and I was left wondering how she achieved some of her success, while knowing the intimate details of her early masturbatory habits and periods.  I do not consider myself a feminist, and I wasn’t swayed by her ramblings and rantings to do so, and was slightly annoyed by her disapproval of female stereotypes one minute, which she then employed herself to supposedly make a point.  Meh.

Still reading Little Women (not getting anywhere fast with that.  Nothing happens).  The other books I have ongoing are not going on either: Home, Just My Type, Flowers for Algernon, We Are At War, Who Built The Moon, The Stand (came to a stand-still!), Different Seasons and The Name Of This Book Is Secret.  But I have also unofficially started the next Dexter book and a book called The Card (about a man who collects bubblegum cards – that’s looking really good!)


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