End of March Update

Well, it’s been a quiet reading month if I’m honest.  I’ve got a few behind on my Goodreads target which I’d planned to get ahead of during this week when I’ve been off work for 11 days.  I’m now about half-way through and I’ve finished two books and now just one book behind, which I can sort out easily enough.  I’ve realised though that I really have my work cut out for me, even if I don’t read any more books that aren’t on the list.  I have all the Sweet Valley ones to get through and as fast as they are to read, I also have a million others.  I’ve not read a single DK book since I started this list, for one thing.  I have all the JW’s and the LD’s to read as well, and re-reads of all the TOTC books (6) before I can even read Mary Anne In Autumn or Michael Mouse Lives (and they’re big books).  I sorted out my shelves of actual books so that all the ones I need to read are on one shelf (apart from the TOTCs, the Colin Fry, the David Icke and I dunno, a few others…and apart from all the ones on Kindle.  I’ve just sorted the Kindle to have a “List” collection as well….don’t think I’ll make it to be honest, but I’m going to hopefully have fun trying and whether or not I meet the deadline, I’ll read the damned books!  I don’t want to just be reading them to get through them – I want to hopefully enjoy them as well! 

So, this month I’ve been listening to the audiobook I got last month from Audible – Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.  I HATED IT! I hated it because it made me ANGRY and because there was nothing redeeming about it, and because I couldn’t just give up on it in case I was hating it incorrectly, but no, I just finished it all and I still HATE IT.  I refuse to write any more about it.

I also finished Dearly Devoted Dexter (#2 in the series) which was part of a list item so that’s good.  I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first book.  There wasn’t enough of Dexter killing bad guys and there was too many bland descriptions of beautiful Miami scenery to pad it out, and the ending that it had been building to was over in a second.  I will still have to read the next four though (but strictly speaking, there were only 3 when I started the list so if I don’t make it to the last one, I won’t let it count).

I read Spring Break – a SVH Super Edition – which features the twins going on an exchange trip to France and Jessica nearly drowning and bla bla bla.  It wasn’t that bad, but not that exciting either.  An easy read though – over in a day.

I read Heal The World by David Icke (for the list!) and that was another quick book though I did take a while to get through it as I just haven’t been in the mood.  It’s one of his earlier books so he doesn’t talk about any interesting ‘conspiracy theory’ type stuff yet and it’s more along the spiritual lines, but that’s good too.  I’d rate it as average because there was nothing new there for me and his tone is irritating quite often, but it did make me think I need to get back into that type of stuff again really.

Those are all the books I’ve finished since my last entry.  Tomorrow I’m hoping to finish Different Seasons, a Stephen King short story collection.  I’ve already read Apt Pupil and Shawshank Redemption (or whatever the book version is called) and am about halfway through The Body (aka Stand By Me).  Stand By Me is one of my most favourite and most-watched films, so it’s easy to read but also hard to read because it’s so like the film that it’s a bit like reading the script – the dialogue is almost identical – so I feel like I’m wasting my time and am tempted to skip through it to tick another book off the list.  But I don’t want to either because I love it and want to know how the novella differs from the film – I know it will somehow.  Plus I think there’s another story after that one.

My sister is nagging me to read Flowers for Algernon which she bought me for Christmas – I’ve only read about a chapter so far so I should start on that.  It will count towards my ‘American Classics’ for the list, so it’s okay.

I’ve read a chunk of Who Built The Moon as well this month, but it’s not for the list so I shouldn’t really.  I thought it would be better than it is, to be honest, but it’s a bit like reading a science textbook.  At least I’m learning something I suppose.  They did say they think the conspiracies about the moon landings being a hoax are false though and explain how the theories about odd lighting can be debunked.  However, I think there are a lot more details that can’t be explained away by primitive cameras and I will look forward to reading about them in The Truth Agenda (on the list!).

I am half-way through The Stand, and I’ve come to a stand-still.  Did I make that joke already?  I was enjoying it but there got to be suddenly a load of new characters in the middle and I got a bit lost and didn’t really care any more about anyone.  I might go back to it someday…but it’s not for the list now as I finished by quota of Stephen King books.  Even though I have a little collection building up now because my Auntie is buying them for me from charity shops when she sees them.

Home, We Are At War and Just My Type are all still hanging around like a bad smell as well.  They are all three for the list so I need to grit my teeth and get on with them.

It will be April in a few days….the spring weather has not yet arrived and it’s starting to get a bit depressing.  I hope it improves soon!


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