Mid(ish) April

I’m two books behind schedule on Goodreads!  That’s how well I’m doing…

I finished Different Seasons.  I think my favourite story was the last one, Breathing Method, which was intriguing and gory and memorable.  I also enjoyed Apt Pupil.  The other two were just okay because it’s boring reading something you know already from a film, even if that film is one of my favourites.

I read (listened to) The Stars’ Tennis Balls which I really enjoyed.  Many have said that it’s a rip off of The Count of Monte Cristo, but as I’ve not read that it didn’t bother me.  I did think the ending was a bit disappointing but I don’t know what I was expecting.  I just got into the story very easily and liked the main character, at least until he went a bit bad at the end.  It was brilliant listening to Stephen Fry read it to me though.  That really added to my enjoyment and made parts of the dialogue very funny, in that way that he is.

I finished three SVH books – Alone in the Crowd and Bitter Rivals, as well as a Super Edition (Malibu Summer).  Alone in the Crowd was pretty good and pretty stupid.  Bitter Rivals was a bit dull and predictable.  Malibu Summer I really enjoyed actually, and had some quite exciting moments towards the end.  Think I’m going to have to read a couple more of these to catch up with my target.

I had a go at getting back into The Stand, but I can’t quite find where I was up to.  It’s confusing when you have it in paperback, kindle AND audiobook and some are abridged and some aren’t! 

I read a chunk of Flowers for Algernon – just need to get back into it as it’s a fast read.  I want to try and get rid of some of these that are hanging around on my list like a bad smell!  They’re just not motivating me to do it though.  And my Auntie keeps bringing me more Stephen Kings and Jodi Piccoults and my shelves are bulging…but I am being strict with myself and not letting myself read anything that’s not for the list now.  I realised Who Built The Moon isn’t for the list as well…but I may let myself finish it (not that it’s very inspiring either!)

That’s all so far.


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