Bank Holiday Monday

I finished THE STAND!  Very happy it’s over!  I really feel it would have been better to read the original version, rather than the one with all the extra bits added in – and even then, it would have been waffly.  I will admit that I read it over such a long period of time and with lapses in concentration, but I didn’t rate it that highly.  I was left wondering what the point of it all was at the end.  I do like end-of-the-world books and descriptions of what happens when everyone’s gone (though obviously my favourite so far is Girlfriend in a Coma)…and the descriptions in this book were pretty good too.  It was the plot I felt was lacking – nothing was really explained.  There were some good characters too though – I particularly liked Trashcan Man and Tom Cullen.  I didn’t hate it, or dislike it too much, it was just too long.

I also finished We Are At War (not bad) and listened to Lair by James Herbert (crap).

Now I’m four books behind on Goodreads…I know I can catch up with SVH books and so on, so I’m not too worried and I’m just trying to work out what to focus on next.  Trying to get my ongoing books down to a manageable amount (7 at the moment) and finish some of the slower ones.

I started reading Autism & The God Connection a few months ago, and it’s not that interesting but a pretty speedy read when I make the effort.  The only problem is I’m finding the tone of the author a bit annoying/patronising and the laconic style (if that’s the right word) of writing is irritating me.  The sentences are very poorly structured and I can’t get over them.

Flowers for Algernon is another easy read and I’ve read another chunk recently.  It was mentioned in The Stand as well, which spoilt the ending of it for me (I know now that Charlie is going to lose his intelligence again by the end of the book), but I shall still finish it.

I bought a new Stephen Fry book for this month’s Audible purchase – The Hippopotamus – which will be a nice one for the list I hope.

So much to read….


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