It’s time I wrote a little update.  I am four books behind on the Goodreads challenge, but trying to catch up (I know I can always catch up with SVH books anyway, but I’m trying to work on some of the others as well). 

Just finished The Color Purple which I thought was great.  Some have said it’s like The Help, which is one of my favourite books, but apart from it being about oppressed Black people, it isn’t much like it.  The story covered a longer time-span and was a bit more intricate.  I remember vaguely seeing the film a long time ago but didn’t remember much about it.  I got a lot more from the book (as is usual) but I would like to see the film again now.

I finished Anne of Green Gables.  I just realised that I counted that as an American Classic when it’s clearly Canadian.  However, Canada is North America so I’ll still count it.  I love Anne of Green Gables and I have the next few books in the series lined up on my Kindle to read at some point.  I did always love the TV series with Megan Follows in it, so a lot of it was familiar to me, but the book, again, was better.  I watched some clips of the show on Youtube earlier and it’s great but differs from the book slightly.

I finished The Hippopotamous by Stephen Fry – enjoyed that and it was a strange tale in places.  I do think he writes a good story.  And being read by the author is always a treat. 🙂  Unless it’s Stephen King.

I finished Little Women – I did get quite into it by the end and it was an easy read.  I don’t think I care enough to read any others in the series though.  This is another film I would now like to see.

I read three SVH books – The New Jessica, where she dyes her hair black and it’s stupid; Taking Sides which is about a new boy in town, Jeffrey, and the twins trying to set him up with Lila/Enid but in the end Liz falls for him instead, and that’s also stupid, and Jealous Lies, which is about Jean and Sandra pledging PBA – all these books are stupid.

Finally I read two Adrian Mole books, completing the series which I was sad about.  I do hope that there might be one more at some point in the future, but I think I heard that Sue Townsend was going blind, or senile or something so I won’t hold out much hope.  I’d like to know what Adrian thinks of the coalition government though!  Anyway, that completed the item off my list.

If I finish Flowers for Algernon that will be the American Classics item ticked off.  I need to read/finish Hunger Games 3, a David Icke book and another Stephen Fry book to tick off three more items.  Plus ‘Home’ and ‘Autism & The God Connection’ as well. Plus one more James Herbert and one more Margaret Mahy – two more items.  I feel like I’m very near to ticking off quite a few of them. 




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