Oh dear…

Just working out what I have left to read on this project, and I now have exactly 9 months until the end and 249 books still to read (including the ones I’ve already started). That works out at 27.5 books per month. Is this really doable?!? I’d say not.

But what would be the point of abandoning it only to do another list to work on? I would start it by adding all the unfinished items and then add MORE, and it’d take the pressure off so I wouldn’t be trying to get through it and I’d just get lazy again and let it slide until panic set in. So I shall just keep going. I’m sure I can read many of them very quickly, but many of them are long…that’s why I end up reading more than one at once.

Since last post, I’ve read: The Secret Scripture, Fluke and The Eyes of Darkness (for the list), and Santa’s Twin, Robot Santa, Trixie & Jinx, House of Odd, I Trixie Who Is Dog and Tuesdays With Morrie – all NOT for the list, but they helped me catch up with my Goodreads target! So that was 2 ticked off the list, and one towards a Koontz item. The other Koontz books didn’t count as I’d only just bought them so it seemed stupid to add them just to knock them off and get precisely nowhere.


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