Executive Decision

I have made the executive decision to remove all remaining Dean Koontz books from the list. This will remove 9 books from the list, and I will then add 3 more in their place to replace the 3 Koontz list items. It will only bring the number down by 6 books, but it makes it just that little more do-able, and is therefore preferable than jacking in the list altogether. I still think it’s unlikely to be finished but it’s worth a try.

From the beginning I have been reluctant to add any Dean Koontz books to the list at all, because I love him so much that I live in constant fear that one day he will die and there will be no more books, which is why I didn’t add any of his books beyond 2005 so there would always be those to read…but this way is better. I can pace myself. I have over 77 Dean Koontz books in my collection and have read 42 of them. I’m happy to rest for a while to give him time to write some more…I know there’s a new Odd book out now/soon, and HE WILL WRITE THE THIRD IN THE MOONLIGHT BAY TRILOGY BEFORE HE DIES or I shall never be fulfilled.

The three books I’m planning to add are Jonathan Livingston Seagull (cos I just bought it last weekend and it’s a short one), To Kill a Mockingbird, and City of Shadows (1st in a trilogy of great-looking books I have waiting!)

I have just recalculated the list and I had added it up wrongly last post (it was early and I did it on my phone – blame that). So now, without the Koontz, I am still left with 258 books to read in 9 months, which actually works out at 28 books a month. So I’ve not really helped myself…that’s excluding items like Books Previously Abandoned and Richard & Judy Bookclub books because they will be included in the other items for the most part. HUFF!

May as well give up now…to be fair, about 140 of the books are Sweet Valley Books, but not all of them are the little ones. Some of the Magna Editions and things are proper novel-sized books.


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