Quitting. Officially.

…I’m still thinking I should just give up on the list. 

Reasons against: 1) I don’t like giving up on things. 2) I like crossing things off lists.

Reasons for: 1) I don’t believe there’s any way I can actually complete it, 2) nobody in the world actually gives a shit apart from me, 3) Trying to read books I really CBA with finishing just to tick an item off the list is hampering my enjoyment of the books, and I could actually be reading more of the books I want to read, when I want to read them, 4) It has become very clear to me in the last few weeks that we should value every day of our lives as they can be taken away so easily, and 5) I have also learned in the last year that sometimes I hang on in there for way longer than I should do, not wanting to be a quitter, and make my life miserable as a result.

Life is really too short to be bothering about things like this – it’s not something important in the slightest so who cares if I give up on it?  One day I will probably read all these books anyway, but the time should be perfect to maximise the enjoyment, otherwise what’s the point? 

Decision made.

Now then….shall I make a new list!?!?!?


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