I have given up on the list, but I think I will still continue to cross off any books that I do read, just to see how far I would have got. 🙂


Quitting. Officially.

…I’m still thinking I should just give up on the list. 

Reasons against: 1) I don’t like giving up on things. 2) I like crossing things off lists.

Reasons for: 1) I don’t believe there’s any way I can actually complete it, 2) nobody in the world actually gives a shit apart from me, 3) Trying to read books I really CBA with finishing just to tick an item off the list is hampering my enjoyment of the books, and I could actually be reading more of the books I want to read, when I want to read them, 4) It has become very clear to me in the last few weeks that we should value every day of our lives as they can be taken away so easily, and 5) I have also learned in the last year that sometimes I hang on in there for way longer than I should do, not wanting to be a quitter, and make my life miserable as a result.

Life is really too short to be bothering about things like this – it’s not something important in the slightest so who cares if I give up on it?  One day I will probably read all these books anyway, but the time should be perfect to maximise the enjoyment, otherwise what’s the point? 

Decision made.

Now then….shall I make a new list!?!?!?

Executive Decision

I have made the executive decision to remove all remaining Dean Koontz books from the list. This will remove 9 books from the list, and I will then add 3 more in their place to replace the 3 Koontz list items. It will only bring the number down by 6 books, but it makes it just that little more do-able, and is therefore preferable than jacking in the list altogether. I still think it’s unlikely to be finished but it’s worth a try.

From the beginning I have been reluctant to add any Dean Koontz books to the list at all, because I love him so much that I live in constant fear that one day he will die and there will be no more books, which is why I didn’t add any of his books beyond 2005 so there would always be those to read…but this way is better. I can pace myself. I have over 77 Dean Koontz books in my collection and have read 42 of them. I’m happy to rest for a while to give him time to write some more…I know there’s a new Odd book out now/soon, and HE WILL WRITE THE THIRD IN THE MOONLIGHT BAY TRILOGY BEFORE HE DIES or I shall never be fulfilled.

The three books I’m planning to add are Jonathan Livingston Seagull (cos I just bought it last weekend and it’s a short one), To Kill a Mockingbird, and City of Shadows (1st in a trilogy of great-looking books I have waiting!)

I have just recalculated the list and I had added it up wrongly last post (it was early and I did it on my phone – blame that). So now, without the Koontz, I am still left with 258 books to read in 9 months, which actually works out at 28 books a month. So I’ve not really helped myself…that’s excluding items like Books Previously Abandoned and Richard & Judy Bookclub books because they will be included in the other items for the most part. HUFF!

May as well give up now…to be fair, about 140 of the books are Sweet Valley Books, but not all of them are the little ones. Some of the Magna Editions and things are proper novel-sized books.

Oh dear…

Just working out what I have left to read on this project, and I now have exactly 9 months until the end and 249 books still to read (including the ones I’ve already started). That works out at 27.5 books per month. Is this really doable?!? I’d say not.

But what would be the point of abandoning it only to do another list to work on? I would start it by adding all the unfinished items and then add MORE, and it’d take the pressure off so I wouldn’t be trying to get through it and I’d just get lazy again and let it slide until panic set in. So I shall just keep going. I’m sure I can read many of them very quickly, but many of them are long…that’s why I end up reading more than one at once.

Since last post, I’ve read: The Secret Scripture, Fluke and The Eyes of Darkness (for the list), and Santa’s Twin, Robot Santa, Trixie & Jinx, House of Odd, I Trixie Who Is Dog and Tuesdays With Morrie – all NOT for the list, but they helped me catch up with my Goodreads target! So that was 2 ticked off the list, and one towards a Koontz item. The other Koontz books didn’t count as I’d only just bought them so it seemed stupid to add them just to knock them off and get precisely nowhere.


It’s time I wrote a little update.  I am four books behind on the Goodreads challenge, but trying to catch up (I know I can always catch up with SVH books anyway, but I’m trying to work on some of the others as well). 

Just finished The Color Purple which I thought was great.  Some have said it’s like The Help, which is one of my favourite books, but apart from it being about oppressed Black people, it isn’t much like it.  The story covered a longer time-span and was a bit more intricate.  I remember vaguely seeing the film a long time ago but didn’t remember much about it.  I got a lot more from the book (as is usual) but I would like to see the film again now.

I finished Anne of Green Gables.  I just realised that I counted that as an American Classic when it’s clearly Canadian.  However, Canada is North America so I’ll still count it.  I love Anne of Green Gables and I have the next few books in the series lined up on my Kindle to read at some point.  I did always love the TV series with Megan Follows in it, so a lot of it was familiar to me, but the book, again, was better.  I watched some clips of the show on Youtube earlier and it’s great but differs from the book slightly.

I finished The Hippopotamous by Stephen Fry – enjoyed that and it was a strange tale in places.  I do think he writes a good story.  And being read by the author is always a treat. 🙂  Unless it’s Stephen King.

I finished Little Women – I did get quite into it by the end and it was an easy read.  I don’t think I care enough to read any others in the series though.  This is another film I would now like to see.

I read three SVH books – The New Jessica, where she dyes her hair black and it’s stupid; Taking Sides which is about a new boy in town, Jeffrey, and the twins trying to set him up with Lila/Enid but in the end Liz falls for him instead, and that’s also stupid, and Jealous Lies, which is about Jean and Sandra pledging PBA – all these books are stupid.

Finally I read two Adrian Mole books, completing the series which I was sad about.  I do hope that there might be one more at some point in the future, but I think I heard that Sue Townsend was going blind, or senile or something so I won’t hold out much hope.  I’d like to know what Adrian thinks of the coalition government though!  Anyway, that completed the item off my list.

If I finish Flowers for Algernon that will be the American Classics item ticked off.  I need to read/finish Hunger Games 3, a David Icke book and another Stephen Fry book to tick off three more items.  Plus ‘Home’ and ‘Autism & The God Connection’ as well. Plus one more James Herbert and one more Margaret Mahy – two more items.  I feel like I’m very near to ticking off quite a few of them. 



Bank Holiday Monday

I finished THE STAND!  Very happy it’s over!  I really feel it would have been better to read the original version, rather than the one with all the extra bits added in – and even then, it would have been waffly.  I will admit that I read it over such a long period of time and with lapses in concentration, but I didn’t rate it that highly.  I was left wondering what the point of it all was at the end.  I do like end-of-the-world books and descriptions of what happens when everyone’s gone (though obviously my favourite so far is Girlfriend in a Coma)…and the descriptions in this book were pretty good too.  It was the plot I felt was lacking – nothing was really explained.  There were some good characters too though – I particularly liked Trashcan Man and Tom Cullen.  I didn’t hate it, or dislike it too much, it was just too long.

I also finished We Are At War (not bad) and listened to Lair by James Herbert (crap).

Now I’m four books behind on Goodreads…I know I can catch up with SVH books and so on, so I’m not too worried and I’m just trying to work out what to focus on next.  Trying to get my ongoing books down to a manageable amount (7 at the moment) and finish some of the slower ones.

I started reading Autism & The God Connection a few months ago, and it’s not that interesting but a pretty speedy read when I make the effort.  The only problem is I’m finding the tone of the author a bit annoying/patronising and the laconic style (if that’s the right word) of writing is irritating me.  The sentences are very poorly structured and I can’t get over them.

Flowers for Algernon is another easy read and I’ve read another chunk recently.  It was mentioned in The Stand as well, which spoilt the ending of it for me (I know now that Charlie is going to lose his intelligence again by the end of the book), but I shall still finish it.

I bought a new Stephen Fry book for this month’s Audible purchase – The Hippopotamus – which will be a nice one for the list I hope.

So much to read….

Mid(ish) April

I’m two books behind schedule on Goodreads!  That’s how well I’m doing…

I finished Different Seasons.  I think my favourite story was the last one, Breathing Method, which was intriguing and gory and memorable.  I also enjoyed Apt Pupil.  The other two were just okay because it’s boring reading something you know already from a film, even if that film is one of my favourites.

I read (listened to) The Stars’ Tennis Balls which I really enjoyed.  Many have said that it’s a rip off of The Count of Monte Cristo, but as I’ve not read that it didn’t bother me.  I did think the ending was a bit disappointing but I don’t know what I was expecting.  I just got into the story very easily and liked the main character, at least until he went a bit bad at the end.  It was brilliant listening to Stephen Fry read it to me though.  That really added to my enjoyment and made parts of the dialogue very funny, in that way that he is.

I finished three SVH books – Alone in the Crowd and Bitter Rivals, as well as a Super Edition (Malibu Summer).  Alone in the Crowd was pretty good and pretty stupid.  Bitter Rivals was a bit dull and predictable.  Malibu Summer I really enjoyed actually, and had some quite exciting moments towards the end.  Think I’m going to have to read a couple more of these to catch up with my target.

I had a go at getting back into The Stand, but I can’t quite find where I was up to.  It’s confusing when you have it in paperback, kindle AND audiobook and some are abridged and some aren’t! 

I read a chunk of Flowers for Algernon – just need to get back into it as it’s a fast read.  I want to try and get rid of some of these that are hanging around on my list like a bad smell!  They’re just not motivating me to do it though.  And my Auntie keeps bringing me more Stephen Kings and Jodi Piccoults and my shelves are bulging…but I am being strict with myself and not letting myself read anything that’s not for the list now.  I realised Who Built The Moon isn’t for the list as well…but I may let myself finish it (not that it’s very inspiring either!)

That’s all so far.